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Instructions for Preparation of Loss/Damage Claim Form

The Following instructions are intended to assist in the proper completion of the

Claim for Loss and Damage:

1. Please read the provisions of the Contract Terms and Conditions on the reverse side of  your Bill of Lading.

 2. No claim will be properly presented until the carrier has received a completed Claim for Loss and Damage signed by the claimant.

 3. It is essential that the claimant give complete information in all columns; please print or type information to the best of your knowledge:

INVENTORY NUMBER: Record the number that the item is listed under on the inventory. Each item or carton should have a colored piece of tape on it showing it’s number.

DESCRIPTION OF ITEM: Identify the article using the same name as listed on the inventory. If packed, name the damaged article.

NATURE OF LOSS/DAMAGE: Describe the nature and location of the damage. If the article is lost, describe the item in detail, specifying color, size, model and serial number, etc.

ESTIMATED WEIGHT: If actual weight is unknown, give an estimate.

AGE OF ITEM: Complete as accurately as possible.

COST TO REPLACE/REPAIR: Specify the estimated (or actual) cost of repairing the item. If the item is damaged beyond repair, or if the item was lost, specify the cost of replacement.

AMOUNT CLAIMED: Specify the amount of reimbursement that you are requesting for repair or replacement of each item.

 4. On claims for damages to household goods items, repair estimates are required. The estimates should be submitted on company letterhead by an appliance/furniture repair firm, and should be attached to the completed claim form with any other receipts, invoices, and other documents in support of the claim.

 5. If additional space is required, please attach separate pages.

 6. Forward the completed claim and supporting documents to us  via email or postal mail

Flagler Moving & Storage Center
2501 E. Moody Blvd
Flagler Beach, FL 32136

Or Print, Sign, Scan and email to us at flaglermovers.secretary @


Ormond Moving and Storage

 Please read the instructions before starting. It is important that the claim be filled out completely and the necessary documents submitted at the same time. If additional space is needed, please use a separate sheet of paper.

 Click here to access the claim form. 

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